Yummy Fall Treat

As much as I love Summer and warm days to enjoy the sunshine, I do love Fall. Fall brings cozy nights by the fire, warm cups of home made soup and the time to enjoy being at home with my family.

Yesterday, I made an acorn squash to go with dinner and as I cut it open and stared at the beautiful seeds inside, I thought why not roast these like pumpkin seeds. In fact, they looked like I would enjoy them even more because they’re smaller and thinner overall.

Well, I was right. Matt and I gobbled them down. That was my only complaint, it was a small squash so there weren’t that many seeds! I thought the whole process was beautiful and was compelled to take photo’s along the way. From the initial slicing open to rinsing the seeds, coating them with palm oil and salt and finally roasted and placed in a bowl to enjoy!

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