It’s not a common name by any means. If fact, I’ve only known one girl with this name and she’s my niece. But, a year ago, a close friend who had read the same book that my sister had years ago, named her daughter Ayla. The book… “Clan Of The Cave Bear” by Jean Auel and I just read somewhere, for anyone interested, that she has a new book coming out, “The Land of Painted Caves”.

I photographed Ayla a year ago, two weeks after she was born and I had the pleasure to take her picture again. This time she’s one and two weeks and a bundle of cute sounds and a look that just sees through you.

She’s a modern girl with two mommies who are beautiful and just as much fun to photograph. It was hard to pick and choose a few to post but these are some of my favorites.

Happy First Birthday Ayla!!!

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