Work, Work, Work…

It’s been quite some time that I’ve actually blogged about work. I’m not sure why that is, not for a lack of working that’s for sure. I’ve actually been extremely busy and grateful every day that I’m busy.

Maybe I haven’t written anything because I’ve been so challenged with time management. Balancing everything at once. It can be a difficult road to be a mom and business woman all at the same time. Sometimes I miss the days when I would get up, get dressed, kiss my family goodbye and go to work. There was something nice about that. My time was my time. I worked, and socialized with co-workers, I had lunch EVERY day and had some time for myself while driving to and from the office.

That being said, I wouldn’t trade where I am. Being here and seeing so much of the growth of my boys. Especially if one of them gets hurt. I’m here. And if I’m working and Martyna is here, I can come out of the office and hold them and kiss them. It makes a huge difference for all of us. I can feel it, and that is a good thing.

But, back to work. This is what my dining room looked like a few days ago. Three of the jobs I’ve been working on arrived all at once. A guest book, two wedding albums and two parent albums. Matt snickered that it was starting to look like Amway in our house.

As much as I loved the wedding albums that I designed, I’m really excited about the guest book project. For one, I had the opportunity to work with Matt and Garrett’s (GB Photographers) images again, and two, it was so much fun!

Kimberly and Danny are getting married tomorrow in Pebble Beach at the beautiful Beach Club at Pebble Beach. Matt and Garrett left this morning to shoot the rehearsal dinner tonight and stay the weekend for the wedding. I can’t wait to see the images and design their album.

To share a little bit about the project, a few months back Matt and Garrett met the couple for an engagement shoot and had a blast. It was a nice, relaxed way to get to know each other and for Kimberly and Danny to get comfortable in front of the camera. From the shoot they have a disk full of amazing photographs.

Here’s the question. What do you do with all of those pictures? I know that most of the time they sit on someone’s computer and one or a few are printed. Most likely the mom’s are the one’s requesting prints and then what? You have a disk full of beautiful images with nowhere to go.

So, I contacted Kimberly and Danny and asked if they would want to put a guest book together. They were thrilled with the idea and I immediately sat down and put together a draft. It was such a fun and relaxed book to design compared to a wedding album. There’s a free quality about it that I love. I worked with Kimberly to weave the text throughout the book and we are all thrilled with the final product.

It’s going to be such a wonderful keepsake from the day. All of the beautiful photographs that were taken along with signatures, comments, and advice from the guests who attended. How perfect! It made me wish that I had been doing this when Matt and I were married!!

I guess we’ll have to have another wedding to celebrate our 10th or 20th anniversary. Something to look forward to…

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