I love taking photographs. Sometimes I find myself running to get my camera because I “have to” catch a moment. There’s something magical about being able to stop time. One of my biggest joys is looking back at photographs of my family, my children. I’m transported right back to the moment again and again. Gifting that to my clients brings me deep joy.

Sometimes its fun to put yourself out in the world to see how your work will be received and 2016 proved to be an amazing affirmation that I’m on the right track. I entered the Shoot & Share contest with 50 of my images in a variety of categories. 23 of those images placed in the top 30% of their category or higher. In fact, three of my images placed as Finalists and one image placed in the Top 100. It was voted 37th out of 5,385 images.

If that wasn’t enough to keep me pointed in the direction I’m headed, I entered a few images in the Click Magazine end-of-the-year contest and “Continental Morning”  was selected as a finalist in the “Click Photos of the Year” issue. My image, along with the other finalists were published in their September/October magazine. There were 210 finalists out of 35,000 submissions. Amazing!! You can check out my blog post about it here: The Voice Collection.

Thank you to all of my amazing clients that have trusted me behind the lens. And for those of you I haven’t met yet, I hope I get the chance to stop time for just a moment and capture your memories for the years to come.