Birthday Wishes

THANK YOU to everyone who went out of their way to call or write to wish me a happy birthday! I felt special and loved by all of the wishes. They started early in the morning and continued all the way until late at night. Thank you!!!

My day started with birthday wishes from my boys and the cutest hand made frames with a picture of each of them that they made with Matt. Mason was really cute and excited that today was my birthday. I think even more than me. No, I’m sure of that!

When I dropped him off for school and told him that Martyna was going to be picking him up he kind of hat a melt down. He wouldn’t let me leave and told me that today was a special day and that he was supposed to spend it with me. That I wasn’t supposed to work on my birthday. He asked me when I was having my birthday party and if I was having cake or cupcakes and couldn’t wrap his head around my telling him that I wasn’t having ANY of those things. It was pretty cute. I finally was able to leave when his teacher brought out art supplies so that he could make me a special card for my birthday. So sweet!

Maya came over, she’s so good, and brought me my favorite local lunch. Grilly’s Taco Chicken Salad. I love the wrap too but today felt like a salad day and it was Soooo good. She gave me the most beautiful heart necklace that sparkles in the sunshine. I love how glittery it is. Thanks Maya!

Then I went in for a Network Chiropractic evaluation. This new office opened up and they’re running a promotion this week. You give a $20 donation to the Marin Food Bank and they give you an evaluation, one adjustment and a follow up to explain the evaluation and hear your feedback. Doing something for myself and my body was a treat for sure.

Then it was off to the grocery store and home for dinner. Martyna stayed which was a nice surprise and we ate and talked and laughed. After dinner Mason and I made an apple pie. This was my birthday pie and we found birthday hats and a candle and the boys sang me happy birthday and gave me birthday kisses. I made sure to film it so that I can have it in the years to come.

Later in the evening, I had a bunch of albums to package in order to ship tomorrow to clients. One of the other gifts I received was from Matt’s parents and I put it to use tonight. It’s an embosser for circular gold and silver foil labels that stamps FMN in the center. It’s awesome and I sealed the envelopes of the cards I included with the seal. I LOVE IT. Thank you guys so much for that one.


I have to say that everyone made me feel special yesterday. From the phone calls to Maya’s visit, the emails and postings on my Facebook account. From family and friends, old and new and even from people I reconnected with at the reunion. Thank you everyone.

From the bottom of my heart.

I’ll end this with what Mason said as I tucked him into bed. I gave him a goodnight kiss and said, “Goodnight my love, I’ll see you in the morning.”

And he said… “Goodnight birthday girl.”

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