What NOT To Do With Your Kids

I’m sure there’s a list out there of things not to do with your kids. Like cook with hot oil while holding your baby or taking them with you on your date with your husband. Well, I have one to add to the list. I have to give just a little background before jumping in.

Over the years, I’ve experienced two pillows that I’ve slept on that have been the PERFECT pillow. They were super soft and you could pretty much mash them up into a little ball. Hardly any stuffing whatsoever. My mother-in-law has one and she takes it with her EVERYWHERE she goes! It’s so squishy!

I was staying with a friend down south once who had one of these pillows and I asked her where she had gotten it. She said her brother made it for her. He took a regular down pillow and de-stuffed it! Brilliant, right?! I would have never thought of that. So, I’ve been wanting to do this to one of my pillows for I can’t tell you how long. Well, this past Friday I finally decided to wait no more.

Here’s where the “don’t do this with your kids” comes in. 😉

I took my wonderful Pacific Coast pillow (if you haven’t heard of them their products are amazing) and snipped about a 3 inch stretch of seam. Mason and Miles sitting on the floor of the living room with me just hanging out and playing. As soon as I reached my hand into the pillow, I knew I was in trouble. The down was so fine and fluffy and there was SO much of it! I pulled my first fist full out and feathers went EVERYWHERE. I started laughing but quickly realized I was in deep trouble. Mason came running up and slammed into me AND the pillow. Can you just see it? It was as if it was snowing in my house. Somehow I had to stop him from making bad into worse. I tried to hold the pillow closed with one hand and get the bag open that I had brought in to put the “extra” stuffing into. Not an easy task especially with two boys thinking this was better than anything they had experienced ALL day!

At this point I realized I just had to bite the bullet and get it over with because if I didn’t finish the job now, I was going to have to do this all over again. I somehow got both boys to sit a bit of distance away from me, this had to be divine intervention, and I took as much stuffing out as I could. I quickly rubber banded the bag closed and went on the panic search for the needle and thread. (You would think I would have had that ready before I started.) I sewed the pillow shut and let out a big sigh of relief until I looked down at myself covered in feathers and turned around to see my entire living room dusted in white.

Mason, Miles and I spent our afternoon vacuuming the floor and each other. It was pretty funny and I think Mason had more fun in that 20 minutes than he had all week. I guess the lesson I took from that day was not to get too worked up over something that a vacuum cleaner can fix and I got my perfect pillow out of it!


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