Mother’s Day with My Boys

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. Young, old, single, married, what-have-you. You are all deserving of some praise!

I had a wonderful Mother’s day this year. I only wish that I could have spent some time with my mom and my sister Diana. With Rebecca and Matt’s mom and all of my mom friends. Just some time to sit and talk and laugh with each other. That would have been cool.

As I’m growing older my appreciation for my mom and women in general just grows deeper. I have a different perspective now. I can’t even believe there was a time when I actually had nothing to do. Do you remember those days? Did you have them? When I truly considered if I should lay out by the pool and lather my body in baby oil, (yes, I really did that. Diana, I think you taught me that one) or if I should go to the beach (and lather my body in baby oil) Ha! Those days are gone and as I write this, I’m glad. I wouldn’t trade where I am. I smile and sigh and think, huh, yup, I really feel that way.

I woke up on Sunday to the sounds of my boys downstairs and the smell of bacon. (I made a special trip to the grocery store to pick some up 😉 Not soon after my eyes adjusted to the sunshine I heard the three of them coming upstairs, breakfast in hand. I shared my waffles and bacon with Mason, he had requested to eat on my lap. I drank my mimosa that Matty was so kind to think to pour and I opened my present. Matty made me the sweetest accordion fold mini book of images of us and the boys. It was so great to see the photo’s of all of us together like that. It was very cool. He said he had a new found appreciation for what I do to boot!



Seeing those images was perfect for how I have been feeling lately. Ever since my visit to Me Ra Koh’s workshop in Sonoma I’ve been wanting to pick up the camera. For real. I’ve moved into the digital age but not really. I have my little point and shoot and I use the big 5D when Matt has it around but I always just have him set it up and then I shoot with it. I haven’t paid attention to the settings to know how to adjust for different lighting situations etc. So, for Mother’s Day I asked Matty to give me a camera lesson.

After breakfast, we had a lazy day in the yard and I played with the camera. He showed me different settings to use, how to adjust for the light and how to shoot on manual which has always freaked me out! I’ll share a few of my favorites of the boys. I LOVE these shots. I like everything about them. It was so much fun to “practice”. I haven’t done that in forever. Thanks Matty for taking the time to give me my camera 101 lesson. It was awesome.

One really fun thing that happened while I was shooting is that Mason wanted to take some pictures. He said he wanted to take some of us, mommy and daddy. I have to share these three shots that he took. They may be some of my favorites of the two of us. You go Mason! You can’t start them out too young right?

The day wrapped up with a trip to the lake to feed the ducks and a nice easy dinner at home. While we were eating Mason and I were talking. Miles was finished and Matt was tending to him. Changing the diaper, putting him in pj’s etc. Matt, bless his heart, was also doing the dishes, clearing the table and anything else that needed to be done since it was Mother’s Day of course. When Mason asked who was putting him to bed we said that daddy was. Then he asked who was putting Miles to bed and we said daddy was. Then he asked a couple of other questions and the answer was…”daddy is” he looked at me and asked with true questioning in his voice, “mommy, if it’s Mother’s Day, how come YOU aren’t doing anything??!” I just about lost it. I laughed so hard that tears streamed down my face. That was the best.

The night ended with some ice cream and a movie with my love. All in all a great Mother’s Day. I couldn’t have asked for more. Quiet time with my family, a camera to shoot some photo’s and a movie with my husband. Simply wonderful.

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