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Matt and I have an understanding. No blogging those personal moments that are just between us. Sometimes he feels the need to make sure I know that moment that just happened is one of those “just for us” times, but I think I’m safe here. At least I hope so!

When I last blogged I wrote that the first thing I saw when I woke up was the amazing view of the lake. Well, that wasn’t quite true. Yes, it was the first thing I saw when I looked outside but the very first thing I actually see when I wake up is my husband smiling ever so cheerily at me from the poster framed and hanging on the wall at the foot of the bed.

I’m not sure how many of you know that aside from being an excellent photographer, electronic music composer, and amazing husband and father, he is at times a model.

Talent scouts just can’t resist his good looks and charm and cast him in ads from time to time. He’s been used for Apple, and as you are about to see….Kinko’s.

His parents have mounted and preserved one of those moments and hung it opposite the bed in the room we stay in when we come to visit. I just had to share because only a few of our friends have had the chance to see this.

So, if you missed the campaign when it was in stores, when he was actually a life size cardboard cut-out greeting you at the entrance of one of the thousands of Kinko’s across the nation, here he is, reaty to serve and make your experience enjoyable no matter who you are.

All I know is it puts a smile on my face when I wake up in the morning. Matt, I hope this is o..k. but I’m sure I’ll let you read and approve before hitting the “publish post” button.

So, as Matt is reminding me each day while I’m here…Express Yourself!

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