A Taste of Heaven

Here is the view that I woke up to this morning. Ahhhh vacation!

Fireflies, mixed berry pie, 4 bean salad, ham and turkey spread, Michigan strawberries, chocolate drizzled rice krispy treats, struen bread, water sports, jumping into the lake off of the dock, sitting under the willow tree reading a book, relaxing on the deck looking out at the lake, fireworks, a pirate boat ride, and did I mention fireflies? This is a tiny slice of heaven.

I’m blessed that my mother and father-in-law live in a beautiful home in Marcellus, MI. The house is right on the lake and from where I’m sitting I have a view of the water, the homes on the other side of the lake and blue skies with of course white puffy clouds.

Our flights yesterday were amazingly easy. Both boys did extremely well, Miles even slept for 3 hours on the flight to Chicago. When we arrived at the house we migrated to the kitchen. The spread of food is always incredible. The comment from Matt’s dad was “how come we always have such great food when Matt and Laura come to visit?” hehe I’m sure it’s like this most of the time which is what amazes me.

Miles, who is happiest outside, just keeps going up to the doors and making his sounds to be let outside. Mason is playing with the “Little People” toys that Matt played with when he was a boy. How cool is that. Mason loves it to. This proves that there is no need for new, fancy, technology based toys around here. Mason is happy as a clam delivering old letters and taking the large boat out for a spin. It’s nice to see that he can adapt to any environment and that his imagination is really all he needs.

I’m sure I’ll blog a little bit more while away. It’s too good not to share. But, I’ll put in the caveat that if I’m enjoying myself too much to remember or the lazy days take hold of me I might not be back until we’re home. 😉


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