Wedding Backdrop Fun

Weddings can be fun, boring, short or long. Beautiful, sentimental and unforgettable. They are as different as the people who get married. The wedding we just photographed and attended last Saturday was for Matt’s co-worker Jason and it was a fun afternoon/evening. I had the pleasure of taking pictures of the bride, Andrea, getting ready while Matt photographed Jason and his “boyz”, but a nice twist came at 4:00pm when we were  able to put the camera gear down and actually attend the wedding. That doesn’t usually happen.

In retrospect,  the whole thing wasn’t typical since it was Mason’s birthday as well. One bonus which turned out to be such a great thing was that Matt’s boss’s family, the Burdicks, brought Mason a gift. It was a Star Wars Lego and let me tell you, I’m never attending another wedding without one. It was brilliant. Mason and Miles a quarter of the way into the reception, when they might typically be starting to get bored, had something to do! All four boys actually, ours and Garrett’s,  as well as some of the “older” boys (these would be random guests at the wedding who couldn’t walk by the table without stopping), loved putting the Lego together.

When Mason finished we had him take it to the Buzz Photo Booth backdrop which was set up by Garrett and Ralph to get his picture taken. Photo-booths have become such a fun part of wedding receptions. There are all kinds of set-ups that people do but Garrett and Ralph are doing it right. Matt helped Jason personalize this a bit so that immediately after you had your picture taken it was printed on 4×6 photo paper, slid into a plastic sleeve and handed to you. Amazing! Have you ever walked away from a wedding with multiple 4×6 prints of you and the bride or groom? You and your family? It was a blast.

Here are my favorites…

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