A Poem In Your Pocket

I’m hoping that in the spirit of going to Legoland over Spring Break I can have a themed week of Lego posts. I’m a little  bummed though because for today’s post I have a great shot of the Lego cake my sister made for Mason but I forgot my card reader so I’m sharing a photo of the image display on the back of the camera taken with my phone. Don’t even comment. Please! Such a faux pas but I’m doing it.  I’ll post the “real” photo another day, promise.

Later this week I’ll be having a guest writer share a personal story that has to do with Lego’s, her son and finding the life answers she was looking for inside of a Lego Minifigure package. Stay tuned for that one, it  a great story.

But, back to today and my “Lego” post. I wanted to share about a fun poem that my sister wrote for Mason. Last Tuesday, Mason had  “Poem In Your Pocket” day at school. The whole week was actually all about reading and writing and is in fact one of my favorite weeks of the entire school year. For ‘Poem In Your Pocket Day’ the last couple of years I went online and found a cute poem that Mason liked that was short and age appropriate. This year I wanted to do something different and unique so I called my sister. She’s been having these strange experiences lately where poems have just been writing themselves in her mind. She’s been writing most them down and has even been having her third grade students perform some of them at their assemblies. The poems have been funny and poignant and interesting and everyone has been loving them, so I thought asking her to help with a short little poem for Mason might not be that big of a deal. I was right.

She literally wrote it in about 5 min while driving. Mason LOVED it and had his own personal poem to share with his class. He even gave little gestures and eyebrow raises at the right places when reciting it. Too cute! If you know Mason, you just have to imagine him reading this and you should have a big smile on your face…

My name is Mason,
Which I’m sure you all know,
But one thing you don’t know
Is where I’m going to go.

I just had a birthday
Can you believe it, I’m 8!
I didn’t have a party,
But do you know why that’s great?

Instead of a party,
I’m getting an adventure
I’m going to see cousins and
And I’ll bring back a picture.

The where I’ll be going
I didn’t tell you already?
Well that’s the best part
Are you listening, are you ready?

I’m leaving on Monday
I can hardly wait
Because on Tuesday morning
I’ll be at Legoland’s gate!


Thanks Auntie Diana! Your poem was a huge hit and Mason thinks you’re the best! which you are! Oh, and we loved the one you wrote about yourself. Thanks for being so obliging when Mason asked you to write it. Get ready for next year! xo

Don’t hate me for posting photo’s of photo’s here. I’m working with what I’ve got! This doesn’t do it justice and is only part of the whole but hopefully you’ll get the idea that my sister is off the hook when it comes to personalizing things. Especially cakes and poems!

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