Meet The Newest Members Of The ‘Lego Hero Factory Recon Team’

I have two boys, so the word Lego in our house is part of our everyday vocabulary. To say they LOVE Legos is an understatement. A while back Mason started to collect Bionicles which are a branch of Legos. Bionicles have since transitioned into Hero Factory guys which are a bit easier to put together. About a week or so ago a friend, (thank you Janet!) told me that you could order a custom Hero Factory character online at for a limited time. The boys have been doing really great in school and Mason had an excellent progress report so Matt and I decided to let each boy create a custom Hero Factory character as a treat.

Meet “Hope Stone Stinger” and “Alexander Missile Gunner”.

It was so awesome. The boxes came with their own bags of pieces, their custom names and a letter to each of them. If you have boys or kids who love Hero Factory characters, you need to go to NOW and let the design and order a guy. they’re only $12.99 plus tax and shipping and SO worth the price. They’re only offering this through April 11th so you need to order them soon. Only 3 days left!

SO worth it!

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