The Wilson Family

I’m catching up here so forgive me for posting these photo’s now, they’re WAY overdue. I shared a “sneak peek” a few months ago from this shoot.


This family was a kick to spend time with. They’ve been through a lot over the years but I have to say, it’s beautiful to see them together in these images. There was a hope from Laura that I would catch their personalities, their emotions, the true feelings that are often hidden behind our daily mask that we wear.

I spent time with them in their new home which is a beautiful Eichler in Lucas Valley. I took some shots of them together and individually and felt really good about everything when I left. While driving home I passed a small but beautiful patch of tall grass that had been catching my eye every time I passed for a couple of months. I circled back and called Laura to ask if they would be at all up for meeting me for another 20 minutes or so at this second location. They were just on their way out of the house to go to dinner so she said they would absolutely stop on their way.

Sometimes trusting your gut and asking for more is just what needs to happen. Some of my favorite images of this family are at this spot. The one above is a perfect example.

Laura, Chris and family, you guys were too much fun. I laughed and got teary eyed all in one shoot. It doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, and Laura ordered some metal prints from Smugmug which is where I have my online galleries for clients. THEY ARE SO COOL!!! I’m going to try to photograph them to show you what they look like. Until then…here are my favorites from our shoot.




I just LOVE this one. His little face is sooo cute!     


At first Laura, the mom, didn’t want Julia to sit like this. She tugged at her to face the camera. I told Laura not to worry, that it would be fine. I think it’s such a cute shot the way it is. I love that Julia was asserting her style and point of view.      





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