Simple Elegance

Linda contacted me a few months ago. She had created a wedding album through Blurb and loved her book but was thinking she wanted something more. More than just a coffee table book. Something that would have the presence of a “wedding album” and would stand the test of time.

When she told me she had a book already, I felt challenged by this project in a good way. The bride had designed herself a book, picked her favorite images and placed them on the pages. In creating an album with those same images, I wanted to impress her. I wanted to be sure to give her something that she would love forever.

I have to say that one of the things I love most about working directly with brides is that I have the opportunity to get to know the them and sometimes their groom. We exchange emails about the album, I learn who the guests are and we talk on the phone a few times throughout the process. Through our conversations I learned that Linda was pregnant as well as getting ready to launch her own company. A green line of handbags. I knew I would love them just from the name, Canopy Verde. Her logo is simple and chic and the bags are beautiful. I could immediately relate to Linda because when I was getting ready to launch Forget Me Not Design I was 9 months pregnant. I knew she had her hands full and I wanted to help check something off of her list by building a beautiful album for them to enjoy.One that was just right for her sense of style. I wanted to tell the story of her day with the same simple elegance the logo of her company conveyed.

I knew I wanted the first spread of the book to be a double page spread but because a horizontal image doesn’t stretch full frame across a square format, I had a little work cut out for me. I built about 5″ on the right side of that first image with the blue, red and yellow background. I think it made a huge difference and I love seeing the pages filled with that color. 
Their reception was held in an aquarium and the photographer took some wonderful shots of the reception details and the aquatic life. I love the tiers of mini cupcakes with the cute flower-like topping and the Hello Kitty cookies are such a great graphic touch. The last spread, which is by far one of my favorite spreads ever, is of the bride and groom sitting together touching noses with a close up shot of a starfish opposite. I just love it, it makes me smile because it’s so dreamy.
Linda, I’m so happy to have designed your album. I wish you so much luck with both your new little guy and your business. I can’t wait to build an albumof your son’s first year!

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