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Bare feet on the earth, hands outstretched to the sky. That is the image that stays with me.

We drove the windy road to Roys Redwoods early in the morning on Saturday. On the drive we had a pretty intimate conversation about life, children and family. The openness and comfort we had with one another was immediate and carried throughout our time together. After we parked and walked to the trail head it opened up on a beautiful meadow. I couldn’t pass it by so we started shooting right away. Gina was amazing and her spirit just shined.

We hiked around, shooting at a few different locations. The meadow, a beautiful outcropping of rocks, along a single track trail in the trees and inside of a burned out hollow of an enormous tree.

Matt gave me a great idea that I loved which was to have Gina spend some time alone at some point. To throw on the long lens and see what happens. Some of my favorite shots are from this time. Thank you Matt for such a great idea!

Gina, thank you for being so open and free. For sharing your beautiful spirt and the new life growing inside your belly. For reminding me that the future is bright and full of hope.

(Gina has kindly allowed me to post some of the naked images. Skip the rest of this post if you don’t wish to see.)

p.s. My lovely husband was kind enough to help me edit my html so that my images are now huge! I love it!! When I look at the old images now they seem so tiny. Thanks Matty!! xoxo

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Sneak Peak – Gina

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