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She’s 94 and she’s a Pearl.



Today is her 94th birthday. I’ve shared a little bit about Pearl. Some by word-of-mouth, some on Social Media. Needless to say, she was the sweetest addition to my 2017. She is spunky…that’s such a perfect word for her.

And what did she say to me today when I asked her how she was doing on her 94th birthday?? She said this…

“I think I’m getting used to the idea of being old….I’m not quite there yet but I’m getting used to it.” – Pearl Malkin

I wrote her a card today. Miles had been doing an acrostic poem and I thought that would be fun to do for Pearl. Enjoy…




Psychic   When I first met you, one of the initial things you told me about yourself is that you are psychic. You said that sometimes you just “know” things about people and that you’re compelled to tell them. Sometimes you don’t want to tell them but you just have to walk up to them, hold their hand, place your other hand on their shoulder, and tell them. The way you do this is beautiful and I love that you know this about yourself.

Emblaze   To cause to glow: light up, illuminate. You have this way about you. It can be abrasive at first and some people don’t quite know what to make of you. At first, they might feel uncomfortable or annoyed but it doesn’t last. Somehow, through your words, your gestures, your being, you soften them. You talk to them and say things that only someone that cares about them would say. You touch their heart and in turn they light up. They become illuminated and you kindle a fire within them that they either didn’t know was there or that they thought had gone out a long time ago.

Awake   There are some people on this planet that are asleep. Not actually asleep but walking around, not really knowing where they are or who they are. They are simply going through the motions of life. Day by day, month by month, year by year. They live their life never asking the deep questions, happily living inside of this material world, never thinking about a reality beyond what can be seen with their eyes. Then there are other people who are “awake”. You are one of them. This realm in which you exist is one of unconditional and overwhelming love. Love for everyone and everything you come in contact with. This is a gift and one to be shared and you do just that….share your love with everyone because it gives you and them, purpose.

Rough   The definition of rough is… ‘Of a person’s behavior: not gentle, boisterous’. Yes, that’s you. At times not so gentle and definitely boisterous. A little ‘rough around the edges’ some might say. This is illustrated best when you remember to wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap yourself when you have something ‘not so nice’ to say. But even those moments, the “rough” parts of your being, are centered in love. You care. You care deeply and you say what you see and what you feel. You have an opinion and you stand strong in your opinion and it is admirable.

Lovable   You, Pearl, are lovable, inspiring and deserving of love. For me, you’re lovable because you show your strength and weakness in the same breath. There is a vulnerability to you, but such strength at the same time. It’s as if your shell, that is so tough to the touch, is transparent and holds a view right into the deepest places of your heart. I find this so endearing and why I love you so.

Pearl, Today I celebrate your birth. The miraculous moment that you were conceived, the spark that combined pieces of stardust and flesh to create the beautiful woman we know as Pearl.  It is no mistake that your name means: ‘one that is very choice or precious’. You are just that…very choice and precious. Happy Birthday to YOU…I love you and am blessed to be in your life.




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Stacy Colwell – Colwell College Consulting

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