Seven is a magical number. The earth was created in seven days. There are seven wonders of the world. Seven chakras in the body. Seven days of the week, and now, seven years married to you.

I feel like when we’ve watched “So You Think You Can Dance”, and they have their short minute on stage to dance for they’re lives. Some seem like they take forever and you’re just waiting for the end to come and others are over before you know it. You’re enjoying their dancing so much that you just want it to continue, and when it’s over, it feels like the dance lasted only a moment.

That’s how I feel about our past 7 years. That I’ve been enjoying our life, our children, our family, our adventures, you, so much, that it’s flown by.

I can remember first meeting you. It was a brief introduction. Then our lunch, which was again, a short time spent together. Then, our first date, shopping on Haight Street and lunch at Askew Grill and a walk to Hippy Hill. Do you know what I remember most about that date? Walking along the path by the park. Walking next to you and trying to be as close as I could so that the backs of our hands would brush against each other. I just wanted to touch you. To be close to you. And now, 7 years later, I feel the exact same way. It amazes me that amidst all the stress and difficulty of life, the craziness of raising two boys, the balancing of work, play and commitment, I love you more than I did the day we exchanged vows.

Your love flows over me and through me,
Filling empty holes that were once there.

Your breath ignites a fire between us,
Passion is still present.

The ring on my finger is a reminder of our love,
creativity, and the power of “we”.

You make my heart swell and my eyes well with tears.
My breath becomes short and I am content.

Content to be by your side.
Content to give up the freedom of youth.
Content to be your wife, always.

Happy anniversary, my love.

Here are some photographs taken of us at the Discovery Workshop by some wonderful women photographers who attended the workshop.

Kathleen Steele

Suzanne Pedro

Thank you ladies for such wonderful photographs. Images that capture our love and passion for life and for each other. It’s a special gift to have these images. Thank you!

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