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Friday Inspiration – Clouds

Do you ever just watch the clouds? Sit back and watch them roll along the sky? It brings me back to my childhood when my mother would find animals and ships and dragons in the sky.

I recently read a blog post by a dear friend that shared one woman’s experience with clouds. It started me thinking and dreaming and of course, cloud watching.

There was no better place to do this than while on our recent trip to Michigan and Tennessee. The sky’s were amazing and captured my attention, my thoughts, my creativity. I’ve been inspired to do a series on clouds. To put a book together of what I see and the thoughts that arise.

Take a moment this weekend and stare up at the sky. If there aren’t any clouds, keep looking up and see where your mind wanders. What presses it’s way to the forefront of your thoughts. Is it something that you can act upon? Something that you’ve been thinking about for a while but haven’t done anything about it? Maybe now is the time. And if the sky is filled with clouds or at least one or two, what do you see? What are you reminded of, what memories or visions show up. (If you’re up for it, I would love to know what happens.)

So, take some time. Time to just sit. Time to just be. Be with the sky and with the clouds and hear what they have to say.

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