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It’s been a long but wonderful vacation! For those of you that follow this blog, I’m happy to be back and in the saddle again. A little sad to be away from our family, but happy to be home after 12 days away.

I do have to say that it was an exhausting trip in terms of travel. I figured out that Matt, the boys and myself spent a total of approximately 50 hours of flying/driving time together. Between flying back and forth from Michigan and then driving to and from Nashville with all of the pit stops in between. That’s intense!

Seeing our family was great and never enough time, the wedding was BEAUTIFUL and I can’t wait to post photos and the Lake House, well, it’s one of my favorite places on the planet. The boys were amazing and held it together for most of the adventure. Whew! We did stop at Mammoth Caves on the way back from Nashville which was super cool and I’ll be posting photo’s from the trip, the wedding and the cave tour soon!

After all of that fun and time away, I was a bit apprehensive about coming back to work, seeing the piles of paperwork that I left on my desk (I’ll spare the photo and self embarrassment) and the long list of emails in my inbox that need responses. BUT, what I didn’t expect that has made my whole day and maybe my week, was the wonderful feature blog post about Forget Me Not Design that was in my inbox for today!!!

If you haven’t heard of or visited “Green Wedding Shoes” then you’re missing out! It’s a comprehensive blog that dishes out the best inspiration for the modern bride. They’ve even won Best Wedding Blog and the Editor’s Pick from Wedding Channel.com! The site is based out of Southern California and there is a long list of blogs, wedding venues, photographers and more, giving you hours of blogging entertainment and inspiration.

Being featured on this site is just what I needed to inspire me to jump right back into work after a 12 day vacation! Thank you so much Jen for the wonderful feature on your blog. I just love designing albums for people, giving the gift of a beautiful book filled with memories. Knowing that the pages will be turned year after year and enjoyed generation after generation. Thanks so much for the opportunity to touch more lives.

Check out the feature here: Wedding Albums by Forget Me Not Design

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