Save The Date On New and Blue!

After submitting the Save the Date magnet I designed with our cousin Olivia (email:[email protected]) for Paul and Liz to, I received an email asking if they could post the magnet on their blog.

Here’s what they wrote:
Thank you for your recent purchase from our family of websites. We hope you enjoy your Save the Date magnets!

I write the blog for our website, We see hundreds of orders per week pass through our design studio and every once in a while we see a design or photo that really catches our eye. Periodically we like to feature uniquely designed items on the blog, that we find to be fabulous – such as yours – to show-off to other customers. We would like your permission to use your design! This is not something we ask of every customer, so congratulations!

Today’s the day that the blog posted! We’re sending out a huge thanks New and Blue and we’re so glad you loved our design!
Check it out:

Paul + Liz

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