My Baby is 5

Mason, you amaze me.

Each and every day.

You are growing before our eyes and I am amazed. You turned 5 three days ago and you seem different. The change I see in you is noticeable. You seem more confident and eager to be the best Mason you can be. My birthday wish to you is that you hold on to that. Hold on to the willingness you have today to learn to do things, to have perseverance, to be kind to people.

I thought that for your fifth birthday I would tell you 5 reasons why I love you. 5 reasons that my heart swells when I think of you.

I love how close you let me get to you. Holding you, rocking you, giving you kisses on your cheeks.I know that it won’t always be like this and I am grateful for this time. Deeply. You melted into my lap tonight. You came over and as you nuzzled your way into my arms you said, “I fell in love. With my mama.” Then you asked me if someone else married me, could you come and steal me away. Could you marry me. My heart burst open a little wider right at that moment. Then I told you we would need to ask daddy how he felt about that. 🙂

I love how you can sit and put a 407 piece Star Wars Lego ship together, virtually by yourself. You only asked for help a couple of times. Did I tell you already that you amaze me? You do.

I love how when I was putting you to bed tonight, you told me that your favorite part of the movie Monsters vs. Aliens was when Baaawwwwwwb walked by the man at the party and said, “I’ve fallen in love with someone else. It’s Jellllooooooo.” Then you held your hand out to shake the plate of green jello just like he did in the movie. And then, you cracked up. And I cracked up. And you said it again and again until we were both laughing too hard before bed time.

I love that when I told you I didn’t want you to grow up, that I wanted you to stay exactly like you are right now always, you told me to pray to God that night telling him that you would give up your birthday for me. That I could ask for you to stay just how you are. You loved me that much. And I told you that I loved you too much to keep you just like this. That I wanted you to grow up and experience all that life has to offer. I want to see that. That’s what I wish for.

I love how much you love. Your brother called to you yesterday when he woke up. You and I were getting ready for the day and you heard him call out, “Mason”. You stopped, even your breath and you looked at me wide eyed and said, “HE’S CALLING ME!! MILES IS CALLING FOR ME!!”. You were so excited and couldn’t wait to get in there and crawl into bed with him the way that either daddy or I do. You love him so much. It’s wonderful to see. You just love. It’s pretty inspiring to be honest.

So, my dearest Mason, Happy 5th Birthday. You are One – Whole – Hand.

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