San Diego With My Boy

While working at Gap Inc. what feels like a million years ago I met Ryan. He was one of the head guys in the Store Design department. He seemed quiet and always calm. Words that I don’t think many people would use when describing me, especially back in the day. Ryan has a wife. She too can be described as calm and at peace. Khamla is from Laos originally and besides being a calm spirit, she happens to be strikingly beautiful.

Khamla and I were pregnant with our first babies at the same time. With babies in slings and a lack of sleep that made life fuzzy but wonderful a friendship was born. We then wound up pregnant with our second babies not far apart and became the mothers of two boys each. It made hanging out fun to say the least.

Even though we didn’t see each other all the time there was a connection and understanding that we shared. Just knowing the other one was out there in the world, living a similar life, made it easier to get through the day. A random phone call here or there with a story of some crazy moment and a fit of laughter to make it all o.k. could describe our relationship.

Last year, to our dismay, they moved to San Diego. It was a great move for them, close to his parents and minutes from the beach but for us it was difficult. Mason every once in a while would tell me how much he missed Rasea. He was pretty much his best friend. Not being able to hop in the car to see him was more than upsetting.

Well, Southwest had a deal not too long ago and I bought two tickets for Mason and I to take a trip to see our friends. Mason almost jumped out of his skin with excitement when I told him we were going. Miles was going to have a daddy weekend and Mason and I were taking flight.

When he and I were at the airport and going through the security check I couldn’t believe how grown up my baby was. He, without me having to tell him, took his backpack off and put it in a tub along with his tiger cub, and get this, his shoes! Can you tell we’re no strangers to flying? I was amazed. He was such a big boy. Wanting to do it all himself and doing such a great job.

Our weekend was more than fun. We just hung out most of the time but being with good friends was something that we both needed. Mason and Rasea played Star Wars the ENTIRE time. O.K, with the WII in between. We went to the beach and the boys sand surfed, we played in the backyard and ate yummy food. Ryan opened a “pop-up” store in their town of Cardiff and I got to check out the location. The store has shut down and he’s talking of opening another one in it’s place. I took a few shots of Ryan in his space. It was a fun photo project while on vacation.

Our visit all in all was great, more than great. I hope we can see them again sooner than later. I have a feeling Mason and Rasea will be friends for a long time. They just “get” each other. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Making connections with people and sharing your life? I think so.

Khamla, Ryan, Rasea and Kade, thank you for an amazing weekend. We LOVE you!!!!!

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