Addie & Chelsie

Way back when, I was a part of the Discovery Workshop here in Marin. It was a photography workshop that Rick Chapman, Garrett Burdick, MeRa Koh and of course her husband Brian held for women looking to dive deeper into the world of photography and themselves.

I came in for a few hours on one of the days to talk about branding your business and to create vision boards with any of the women who were interested. Chelsie was one of the women who sat down with me and created the beginnings of a great vision board. At the end of the day she brought her mom over to meet me. It was clear that they were both passionate about photography, about making a change for their lives and their futures. They wanted to move in a direction that allowed their creativity to flow in a playful but meaningful way.

This process with Addie and Chelsie was really more of a journey than a job. We worked together to sort out the name of their business, the color story that worked for them as well as the logo itself. It truly was a discovery. Of self, of partnership and of the strength they had by themselves and together to take a leap of faith toward the unknown.

When creating the logo I wanted to be playful but natural. To design something that felt like a combination of mother and daughter yet would stand as a brand on its own.

I love that we came to the tree branch in the end. That when you put the back of the cards next to each other they form one bigger branch. The tans, browns and burgundy are so beautiful together and the curls of the branch add just the right touch of whimsy that I was going for.

Addie and Chelsie I wish you the best of luck with the launch of your business! I know great things are in store.

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