Star Of The Week

At Mason’s school they have a program where one child from each class gets to be “star of the week”. This means that each day they can bring in something to share. Toys, favorite books and photographs. In Mason’s class whoever is the current “star” picks a name basically out of a hat to find out who the star is for the following week.

Two weeks ago Mason came running in the house on Friday after school to tell me that HE had been picked! He was SOOOOOO excited. We spent the weekend figuring out what he would bring and Matt printed up a bunch of photo’s from birth to present day.

It was so interesting to see what he picked to share. His large bionicle riding a ship that shoots balls was of course on the list. Other items were three sand dollars, his alive cub, bugbot (that’s for another post), his “Mater the Grater” book and his Bible.

We brought everything in a bag so that he was able to choose each day what he would share. The school has assembly every other week and at those assembly’s the “Stars of the Week” are called up on stage to say their name and which class they’re in. Mason’s assembly was last Friday. It was so cute to see. I was able to snap a couple of photo’s and take a short movie of the experience. One of his best friends at school who’s in another Kindergarten class was star of the week too which made it even more fun.

Here are some photo’s of his 15 minutes of Kindergarten fame. Oh, and when on stage they’re asked if they want to say anything and of course Mason’s hand popped right up. When the principal brought the microphone to Mason he shared that he had gone on vacation that week. His recent trip to San Diego to see his friend Rasea was a HUGE highlight and it was sweet to see him share his excitement.

Way to go Mason and just for the record, you’re a star here at home every week!

Mason found Miles and Daddy in the audience…

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