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I seem to find the camera in my hand a lot these days. Not that I’m not designing albums. I am. In fact I’m WAY overdue in posting any of the albums I’ve designed over this past year. (I will be rectifying that soon!) But, for now, having the camera in my hand is what I’ve needed.

While in Michigan we were finally able to meet our newest member of the family. Rylee. She’s Paul and Liz’s first baby girl and oh, is she cute! She officially makes cousin number 12 in the long list of boys and girls of the Reoch clan. In fact, she had the chance to keep the scales even if she had been a boy, 6 and 6. No luck, now we’re at 5 and 7 but wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thankfully I was able to find a quiet moment on the morning of the first day that Paul and Liz arrived, before everyone else found their way to the house, to take some photo’s. We never did have another chance so now I just have to wait until the next time we see her.

Here are my three favorites from the shoot.



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Sounds From The Ice

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