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Sounds From The Ice

I’m sure at least some of you can relate when I say I have a ton to do to wrap up 2010 before I can jump full swing into 2011. There are photo’s to edit, blogs to post, albums to share. Bookkeeping to stay on top of, software to update, phone calls to make.

There seems to be this feeling of unrest that I have as I start the new year. Not a bad feeling, but one that is stirring inside of me. A feeling of wanting to complete things. All of the things that I have placed on my list.

I’ll start slow and hopefully build up some momentum as the days/weeks go by. For now, I’m settling back in to life after being away for 10 days. We spent the Christmas holiday in Michigan with Matt’s family. I have photo’s and stories to share that maybe, hopefully, will make it from etherial thoughts to concrete words on a page.

While sorting through the myriad of things there are to do upon being back, I wanted to post one photo. Matt’s parents live on a lake and to my delight it was frozen thick enough to walk/skate across for most of our visit. I had been on the frozen lake once before a few years ago but there was something different about it this time. It was more beautiful for some reason. I had never really stood on a frozen lake before. Just being, enjoying the beauty of it. Then, while being quiet and taking it all in, the sounds began. The sounds of the ice cracking in places and the water below the ice. The water made the most incredible haunting sound I have ever heard. It was as if there was a laser battle happening underneath my feet. It was sci-fi and beautiful and unlike any other sound I’ve ever heard. I could have stood there on that lake and listened to it for hours.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2011 bring you everything you desire.

Here is a small recording of the “sounds from the ice” while Mason took a walk across the lake.

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