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Published – Zel Anders In The Advocate

Have you ever known anyone with a great idea? A million dollar idea, but they never do anything with it? Well, that’s not the case with Zel Anders. She had an idea to make menswear for women and what an idea! Brilliant!! Especially here in the Bay Area. She not only had this fantastic concept but recently opened Tomboy Tailors and has hit the ground running. She has been featured in numerous articles and the business is growing in leaps and bounds. Centrally located here in San Francisco, she’s finding that not only people in SF but people from all over the country and even the world are interested in her clothes. It’s amazing how quickly things are taking off and Tomboy Tailors is a great example for when there’s a gap in the market, someone can step in and make a huge impact.

I was lucky enough to photograph Zel on a couple of occasions. She’s in need of a variety of portraits, especially when being featured in so many different publications. The latest article was in the Advocate.com. I’m happy to share a snapshot from the article which you can read HERE.

Here are a few more from our times together….


Zel, congratulations on your success! You have a sweet yet powerful personality. I know you’re going to go far.

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