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Business Portraits

When I photograph people they react in all sorts of different ways. Some people are shy and nervous. They take shallow breaths and look all around and take a while to settle down. Others are fun and outgoing and not camera-shy in the least. It’s my job to work with all different personalities so that I bring out their best and most authentic self for an image or images that show who they really are, deep down.

That’s what I love about my job most. I get to talk to people and discover who they are in a short period of time. I  get to see them in all of their beauty, even if that beauty is hiding behind a layer of discomfort. I get to peel that discomfort away to let them shine and reveal themselves in a beautiful image. I love it most when people see a picture of themselves and they’re surprised at how amazing they look. It makes me smile every time.

Not long ago I was given the opportunity to photograph a dozen executives of Patxi’s Pizza. It was a great job that allowed me to photograph a number of different people with varying personalities, all within a 3 hour time frame. I loved it! I visited one of their new locations that was opening the next day and found different spots to photograph each executive. My only regret is that I didn’t get a chance to taste the pizza! They even have a gluten-free pizza that I could have eaten. Next time!

To all of the people I met that day, I so enjoyed my time with each of you and I wish your company the best of luck in its efforts to expand!

Here are my favorites from the day.

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