My Valentine

Today is a day for lovers to express their love for each other. Some create a note or a crafted card that illustrates the feelings that overwhelm them at times. You and I have embraced this holiday. Not the generic “Hallmark” event that is ever present wherever you turn, but our own way of expressing how deep our love flows.

Over the years the exchange has varied. Hand made art, photographs in a heart shaped box, a book of love and more. This year, with everything going on, I haven’t found the time to make you a gift. My heart is pained by the thought that I’m skipping a year. I’ve only skipped one other in our 8 valentine’s we’ve shared. And here in our 9th year, I must skip again.

But, in an effort to do what I do have time for, to take some time from my work, my family, my life, I write this to you to share my love.

Never has my heart beat so fast, never have my tears flowed so hard, never has my breath been stolen and never has my love been so deep. You have captured a part of me I didn’t know existed. A part that was only discovered after the hard and angry parts were chiseled away. They were gently brushed aside by your loving hands to reveal a soft glowing jewel that is the core of who I am today.

You and I have created an amazing life, that together we share with our two wonderful boys. I hope you enjoy seeing these photographs of you and I over the years. From our first meeting, you a young man exploring the world, me a young woman, Starfire, exploring herself.

Our lives came together on the streets of the desert of Burning Man and have been intertwined in a love story that captures my heart each day ever since.

I love you.

Will you be my Valentine?

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