My Lovely Valentine

As I wrote in my last post, I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Luckily, although I know there was no luck about it, Matt loves it too. We decided to have a romantic dinner after putting the boys to bed and oh, it was lovely.

Our menu included oysters, mussels, crusty artisan bread to sop up all of the yummy mussel broth, some tasty Korean skirt steak and champagne with strawberries.

I came downstairs after staying with the boys for a bit to find candles lit and dinner being prepared. It was like slipping into a comfy pair of slippers to be in the kitchen cooking with Matt, making a nice romantic dinner for two. We do this every now and again and are always reminded of how nice it is as we do our dance between the counter and the stove.

We shucked the oysters and filled them with this easy but so delicious red wine vinegar, shallot and sugar dressing, cooked the mussles in an aromatic white wine, garlic, parsley and red pepper flake liquid and drank some champagne. Dinner was delicious and we had some time to just connect with each other not as mommy and daddy but as Matt and Laura.

We talked about business and life and all of the things that we don’t have time to talk about in the midst of household chaos. After we ate we sat by the fire and had some more champagne. When I came back from clearing some dishes there was this sweet red box and card waiting for me. After the past years I could only hope I knew what was inside. Matt and I have a few things we do for each other that are somewhat repetitious yet new. What I mean by that is Matt gave me a heart shaped box our second Valentine’s Day together married. In it was a key, the key to his heart. He has given me a new box and key to his heart each year with the exception of one. That was the year that he produced his cd and I can understand his not being able to get it together. Kind of like me this year.

The boxes have been similar but very different. They are all hearts yes and have keys inside but they are each different and significant to the year that they’re gifted. This year was so sweet and loving and thoughtful I’m welling with tears as I write. He found a small heart box, something to be cradled delicately in your hands. He covered the outside with paper that had words all around. He described how the words were significant to him when he found it. Words like “love”, “faith”, “family”, “trust”, “peace” and “blessings”. All words he felt have been significant to our relationship as of late. Inside he lined the bottom of the heart with moss. He wanted it to be filled with something living that represented life itself. Then the key. The key is delicate and sculpted from his hands. He made it to be different and unique and fragile. The coolest thing is that, are you ready?, it glows in the dark. He sculpted it out of glow in the dark clay that you bake to set. The key to his heart illuminates my way even when I can’t see. Amazing, thoughtful and so heartfelt. Oh how I do love my husband.

I have to include one last element to my Valentine’s Day. The gifts that the boys gave to me. Matt gave them each a small 5×5 canvas to paint. Mason’s was a white canvas with red paint and Miles had the red canvas with white paint. They are so lovely and sweet I had to share. I can’t wait to find a place in our home to hang them. They also gave Grandma and I glowing “pearls” that they molded with the glow-in-the-dark clay. They were beaming when we turned out the lights and their little faces and kisses melted my heart. Basically my heart was a big puddle by the end of the night. I’m sure the champagne didn’t have a thing to do with that but seriously this is why I love this holiday. When else do we take a moment and stop to appreciate one another. To tell our lover how we feel about them, why we’re in love with them and to express it without letting those crazy elements of life get in the way.

Sitting with Matt for a few hours uninterrupted was a gift all it’s own. Talking, laughing, sharing who we are at this moment in time. Different from who we were when we first met but even more in love with each other now than ever. The words of his card sum it all up:

“On this Valentine’s Day we celebrate and honor our love for each other. Love is what binds us together during this difficult time in our lives. When we are feeling the overwhelming pressures of life, we both lean on the love that we have for each other. When we have joys and achievements we celebrate our love together. Whether it’s a harship or happiness, love surrounds us both. I find it ironic and amazing that during this tough, testy period in our life, I am more in love with you than ever before!”.

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