My Baby Is -7- Today!

I’m not sure what happened! I honestly think I blinked too long. I have somehow become the mother whose baby isn’t a baby. Hours of watching him just breathe have long since passed. Although I do have to admit I still look at him when he’s sleeping. I just stand there, looking at him, how long he is in his bed, how sweet his face is when he’s asleep. That never seems to get old.

He is still young, and innocent. Eager to please and apologetic when he’s done something wrong. He is thoughtful and compassionate, even at such a young age. Those qualities are one of my most favorite things about him. And then there’s his goofy side. His silly faces and body positions. He saves those however, not everyone gets to see that side of him. Only the people who he trusts and loves and is comfortable around. He’s always been a bit shy and timid with new people and situations but he’s learning how to work through that. He only has a few good friends but everybody likes him.

He loves his brother fiercely. I don’t think Mason even comprehends how much his brother loves him. Not only does he look up to Mason because he’s his older brother but he just loves him. Deeply. He came up to Mason one day and asked, very honestly, “do you love me?”. It almost broke my heart because I could see how much he loves his brother and it doesn’t always feel reciprocated. But Mason answered in a half laugh with an “of course” and Miles let out a deep sigh of relief and hugged Mason as if he would never let go.

He is our sports boy. He loves to be outside, to play sports, to run around. He still loves to have a ball in his hand or at his feet. That hasn’t changed since before he could walk. He’s fast and quick and understands the strategy behind soccer. He’s making his daddy proud on the field to say the least.

He plays the drums and is getting pretty good. There’s actually a beat that you can tap your toe to while he’s playing. He complains about practicing like most children might but he sits down and does his time and usually after he apologizes for not sitting down right away.

He has such a soft heart. That’s what makes him so lovable. He’s a now ‘7 year old boy’ that loves stuffed animals more than most children I know. If he sees that you’re upset he comes to you, wraps his arms around you and tells you it’s o.k. His best friend is a girl and they laugh and play and sometimes have dance parties when they get together.

He has opened my heart so much.

Today my baby is 7. I’m afraid if I blink too long again he’s going to be all grown up so I’m going to enjoy every day and every moment in between because he’s such a joy to be around.

He is my love.

My little one.

My Miles.

(center photo ©Matt Reoch)

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