CanDo School Auction Winner!

I love offering my photography as a service for the school auction. I get to support the school and give back to the community. This past year the winning bid went to a wonderful family. There is a lot I could say about them but the most important thing to say is that they are kind and open and doing their best, all the time.

Alicia wanted to go to the beach for this shoot. She has these really cool tattoos on her ankle and wanted to have a shot of them with the water splashing around. A super great concept and I was happy to oblige.

We went out to Rodeo Beach which is through a VERY long tunnel. The two girls, well actually all of us, held our breath for as long as we could and to everyone’s surprise, Kerri has a set of lungs on her! We talked on the drive there and laughed on the drive home. Everyone but me was wet but we all had smiles on our faces.

The beach just seems to do that to people. Make you happy.


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