Love Heart One and Love Heart Two

Recently, our close friends Erik and Ericka, asked us if we would have their daughter Amelia over for a couple of days while Ericka had some minor surgery. We absolutely LOVE Amelia so it was an immediate yes to the question. Mason and Miles just about touched the ceiling from jumping up and down for joy. This was to be officially our very first sleep over.

The afternoon and evening were perfect. Everyone got along, played well together and marched up the stairs for bedtime without a hitch. Thank goodness!

In the morning, Mason requested that they have a special treat and asked if they could have breakfast in the boys room. They have a great table set up in there so I thought, why not?! Let’s keep them happy! was my main focus, and if eating in a new spot was going to do that, fine by me.

As the day was progressing I had a thought that it would be cool if they made something to remember this time. Something that they could each have and play with that would bring back great memories of a fun time together. I thought about what type of supplies I had to use and then it hit me. I have a whole tub of felt! Tons of it in all sorts of colors and bags of pillow stuffing. The felt was from making letters for names and the stuffing was from the days of clouds hanging in Mason’s room when he was a baby. It was perfect.

My mom and I sat down with the three of them and started designing their monsters. They picked out their colors and shape of the body. I pulled out the sewing machine and got to work. Now, mind you, these aren’t anything spectacular, and I have friends that make WAY cooler stuffed animals than these, but for a morning with not much to do and the need for a project, it worked out great.

Miles unfortunately wouldn’t let me photograph him or his monster. But it looks like a cloud monster with dangling legs. It’s name is “Bad Guy” said in a gruff lowered tone of voice really fast. It’s hysterical to see him say it. He lowers his chin and gets a scowled look on his face and kind of purses his lips together. Priceless really.

Mason, when asked what the name of his monster was, without hesitation answered Love Heart. There we are with Mason’s big heart and huge chunk of goodness just oozing out from his very being. Even his monster has a name filled with love. Amelia followed suit and said her monsters name was “Love Heart Two”. That right there pretty much sums up the relationship between Mason and Amelia.

Here are some photo’s of the little monsters…….alive and stuffed.

And for those of you who would rather buy a cool stuffed animal/monster instead of make one, here’s a link to a friends site filled with creatures just waiting for a new home. Urchin Circus

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