A Walk On The Beach

Walking on the beach calms me. It always makes me think and reflect on life and the world around me. The ocean, so big, deep mysterious, calling me to walk right to the edge and feel the water brush against my toes. Sometimes it gets me to just run right in and dive through the waves.

I could stay at the beach for hours, and sometimes I do. Just feeling the sand, hopefully warm, beneath my feet, between my toes, pouring through my fingers as I scoop a bunch and watch it fall. There is something so peaceful about being near the ocean and hearing the waves crash against the sand. It’s like deep, loud soothing breaths. inhaling as the water is pulled back into the ocean and exhaling as the waves come crashing on the shore.

Peaceful, is the perfect way to describe the images of a new client, Ellen LeRoy Photography. Ellen contacted me a while back about my design services and when I checked out her sight I couldn’t wait for her to contact me to design an album. When she did just that a couple of weeks ago, I was eager to get started. I opened her folder of images and the photographs were beautiful. They were of a family of 6 plus 1, the families cocker spanial and all of them were adorable.

She asked me to design the album with most but not all of the photographs she provided and to scatter some quotes that the family had selected throughout the book. I love incorporating text with images! I felt so trusted to be given a document with about a dozen quotes and to have the freedom to select the ones I liked or thought went the best with the photographs.

As it happens most of the time, the book just began designing itself. Highlighting each of the four beautiful daughters on pages of their own, honoring the parents with a spread and a beautiful quote, ending with the family walking away down the coastline. I even gave their sweet dog it’s own spread and added a quote that I found that just seemed to fit perfectly.

There was only one round of edits and minor ones at that. Simple, beautiful and yes, peaceful. A day at the beach, beautifully captured by a wonderful photographer. Here are a few of the spreads:

Click the following link if you would like to see the complete layout. Ellen LeRoy Album

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