She’s probably going to kill me.

I’m going to risk it though because I want to share this photo and why I love it so much.

I’ve known Lisa for a few years now. She’s the mother of twin boys that just turned 8 not too long ago. Her boys went to preschool with Mason. We didn’t know each other that well while they were in school. She was running around with her boys in two different schools which, now that I think about it is kind of funny because she goes by two different last names sometimes, her maiden and married and I think two seems to be a theme for her. Even having two boys, twins no less. (Lisa, I know you’re laughing right now!)

Anyway, we knew each other but didn’t really know each other. I remember a while back I was sick. Really not feeling well. My mom was sick, I was dealing with insurance companies and had been on the phone for hours. Literally all day. Lisa came by. She brought me groceries. She brought art activities for my boys to do. It was selfless. It was generous and I didn’t know why someone that I didn’t know that well would do something so nice for me. It wasn’t the last time she’s done something like that.

Lisa is someone that you can count on. She is that person that if you’re in a total bind and you don’t know what you’re going to do, she’ll help you figure it out. She just will.

When my mom died and I was putting together the memorial service, I wanted to make large 8×8 double printed cards of stories my mom had written on one side and photo’s of my mom on the other. I could see these cards in my mind but I didn’t have the time to make them. I called Lisa. I knew that if I explained what I wanted, my vision, and she had the time, she would make it happen. I was right. She did. They were amazing.

Over the years we’ve become good friends. We text each other the longest texts possible. Why we just don’t email I don’t know but it’s fun and that’s just what we do. We make each other laugh. We “get” each other as mothers. I think we bond on that “I’m super neurotic and over-protective but I don’t care because they’re my kids” kind of way.

She’s been having her family, her boys, photographed by the same photographer for years. I’ve been kind of hinting over the last couple of years that I would love to take their pictures, but she’s loyal. Super loyal which is one of my favorite qualities about her. But, this year, with the launch of my new business (I think her desire to support her friend won out over the loyalty factor), she asked me to take their annual Christmas photo’s. I secretly did the happy dance, no secret now, because I’ve been wanting to take their picture for so long.

I knew that photographing Lisa would be a little challenging. Challenging because Lisa, like so many of the women I photograph, doesn’t like to have her picture taken. I was up for the challenge though and when the moment arrived for our time alone, I could see her get a little stiff and nervous. We talked through it. We took deep breaths and I reminded her that it was just me, her friend, behind the camera.

She brought along a hat for the photo shoot that she found at a farmers market, made by a woman who told her that it takes about a day to make one hat. Lisa couldn’t not support this woman who only charges $15 for each one. That’s just Lisa. She wants to support people, to help people. It’s what makes her happy. All of her friends, and I know this to be true, feel lucky to have Lisa as a friend. She’s pretty amazing.

Here she is, in her blue hat and sweater looking beautiful. I just love this photo.

I also have to post the photo I took of her with her two boys. They are her entire life and when she talks about them, you can just feel how much she loves them. It was really great to spend time photographing them.

I have more to post from this shoot so I’ll be sure to do that soon. The photo’s of the twins are too much fun!

Lisa, your friendship means the world to me.
Thanks for all you do.
For me, for my boys, for my life.

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