Brandon and Jared

Brandon and Jared are like my boys. They are brothers, raised by the same parents, Lisa and Greg. They are raised the same, given the same guidance and yet are completely different. I’m still in awe of how that happens. We really are our own person when we come into this world.

We can be guided, led, even molded a bit but I’m convinced that there is a large part of who we are that is predetermined and just part of our being.

These  boys are wonderful and crazy and all things 8 years old. One’s blonde and one’s a red head and the differences just keep going from there.

The shoot was a ton of fun, especially since the boys kept me on my toes. They were willing to stand and sit and pose for me. When it was time for a family portrait the entire family had me in stitches. I had asked them to stand and hold hands and when they did I think one of them started moving to relax. Like they were shaking out the uncomfortable feeling they had. I saw that and loved it and asked them to just keep wiggling. All four of them started to wiggle and shake. I was dying but captured some really fun shots.
Lisa, Greg, Brandon and Jared thank you for trusting me to take your family photo’s. I hope you love them as much as I do! You guys were a blast and I look forward to the next time.

next one


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