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Lisa Pepper-Satkin…Executive Therapeutic Coach

Some people are born to do something…one thing…and they know it from the beginning. This is not me unless I look at myself from a different perspective. I mean, I’m a learner, a life-long seeker of knowledge in the areas that I find of interest. I can’t get enough, never have and never will. If I look at myself from that perspective I can say I was born to learn and teach. BUT, this isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the people that come into this world, knowing what they want to do. The Taylor Swift’s and Lindsay Vaughn’s of the world. The ones that knew when they were little, or maybe didn’t even “know” but were driven to do that “thing” from the beginning.

My feature this month is about just this type of person. Lisa has been a therapist since she was stomping around the playground of her elementary school. She tells a story from her early childhood that has everyone laughing when they hear it. She was young, third grade and discovered that some of her friends wanted to swear but knew that it wasn’t ok to do so. They were discouraged by their parents and definitely weren’t allowed to use bad language in the classroom. So what did Lisa do? She formed a women’s circle before they were even a thing but with 3rd-grade girls. So this “girls circle” began as a safe space for people to say things that they weren’t allowed to say. They could feel supported by one another and safe to express themselves with the leadership of one girl…Lisa. You can read more about her story on her website:   Lisa Pepper-Satkin Website

Cut to a chunk of years later, and not surprisingly, Lisa has a thriving practice as an Executive Therapeutic Coach in the Bay Area. She does one-on-one coaching, group sessions, workshops, and retreats. She has a Master’s Degree in psychology and over 25 years of experience listening to and helping clients understand the impact their family, culture and life experiences have had on them.

I’ve known Lisa for the last 6 years as she’s a part of my BNI Network 54 Chapter. She is one of the people I’m the closest to in the group. She has a heart that’s larger than anyone I know and she is deeply committed to making sure people are living their lives in truth. When we needed our youngest to talk to someone after he was exposed to some things visually that he shouldn’t have seen, Lisa was who we called. She was on the floor with him, modeling his gestures, making him comfortable and safe so he could talk about things that were difficult to talk about. She used paper and pens to have him draw things to help him express himself. She was nothing short of wonderful. She helped our family come up with a “safe” word for any future moments of need and helped us feel connected in a new way, a deeper way.

Lisa is a gift to the people she works with and is deeply committed to their growth, psychological health and well being. I feel so fortunate to know her. I’ve also had the pleasure of photographing her and her beautiful family a number of times. I’ll leave you with some photographs of Lisa and the answers to the questions I asked so that we could all have a little more insight into who she is and what she has to share with the world.

Lisa Pepper-Satkin, Executive Therapeutic Coaching



San Francisco, Marin, Virtual



I wanted to lead women in conscious conversation since the third grade. Obviously, I didn’t call it that back then but that’s what I did at a very young age.


I lived in Guatemala helping people reinhabit their homeland. I was limited in how I could impact their community. I decided to go to graduate school in order to help impact lives. I earned my Masters Degree in Psychology and my business has grown from that point on. Fortunately, I keep growing.


Executive Therapeutic Coaching one on one – face to face, phone or online forums. Intentional Creative Circles 4-day Unfolding YOUr Truth Retreats Half-day and Full-day individualized retreats to create a life you LOVE. Unique team building intensives.


Everything. I absolutely adore what I do in my career.


My loving and direct style. My depth of personal and professional experience. My absolute unique blend of coaching and psychology.


Day of Radical Self Care. A personalized day of understanding unconscious patterns and envisioning a life you LOVE
For more information on Lisa or her workshop you can visit her website and send her a love note!




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