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Dr. Doris Bersing…The One & Only

Do you know someone in your life that you’ve loved since the moment you met them? Someone, who every time you see them you want to hug them and tell them how much you love them? This is how I feel about Doris.

She is a powerhouse of a woman. Educated, world traveler, spiritual, a force to be reckoned with for sure with the biggest heart of anyone I know. And her heart for the last chunk of years has been for our elderly. The people that are often forgotten.

When I met her she had a business called Living Well. It was formed to help people age in place, in their homes if possible. She found that when people would move into a facility their life expectancy would plummet. She found that being able to stay at home with in-house care was truly the best thing for many people, but often unaffordable. She worked tirelessly finding people and resources that were affordable and helped her clients stay home as long as possible. She loves the people she works with and because she cares about them and their well being, she wanted to do what was best for them, not for the system.

In this past year, she’s transitioned her “work”. She wanted to be able to have a closer and deeper effect on her clients and their loved ones. She found that one-on-one consulting was the answer. This direct interaction is allowing her to make a deep assessment of the needs of someone and then reach out in all directions to find the best care and solutions to their needs.

My parents are both gone, and I miss them all the time but the end years of their lives were difficult. Managing their medicine, doctors appointments, their moment-by-moment needs. But what made it so challenging was that I had my own life and my own children that I was raising and needing to feed, clothe and run around. Adding the job of taking care of my sick and aging parent wasn’t something I was expecting or even knew how to handle. I WISH I had known Dr. Bersing back then. I wish I had her as a resource to help me figure things out that took me days, weeks and months to do.

If sharing this information helps one person lighten the load of the experience of taking care of a sick or aging parent my heart will be happy. Dr. Bersing, Doris, is truly a gift to this world and to my generation. We have been referred to as the “Sandwich Generation” because we find ourselves taking care of our children on one side and our parents on the other side of our crazy, busy lives. It’s not a fun place to be but people like Dr. Bersing can help.

I asked her some questions so please read her responses to get a glimpse into the magic of who she is and her new consulting business…..Daring To Age Well.




San Francisco Bay Area




A physician, a nun, a shrink 🙂

When working with women’s self image after mastectomy and cancer treatment, I focused on empowering these women to be the best they could be even after losing some part of their bodies and self-identity. I was also faced with my patients’ questions about death and disability. From working with terminally ill patients, I explored hospice, end of life, death and dying, and as people lived longer even with terminal and chronic diseases I became interested in old age. Today I work on a combination of these paths by empowering elders, specially, older women to fight ageism and sexism and to dare to age well…regain their voices and be old the best way they can be.

Geriatric consulting Eldercare Options Consulting Public Speaking Education and Public Seminars on “aging well” and opportunities in senior years


Empowering people to be the best they can be and see them enjoying their new attitude and undertaking a new and meaningful path.


I have a 360 degrees view of aging versus a compartmentalized approach so my assessments are really holistic. On the other hand, all my years in the industry of mental health, wellness, aging and long term care give me the knowledge, the connections, and the resources to design tailor made roadmaps to navigate the way to age well. Passion, charm, knowledge, heart and brains 🙂


Yes, ‘From Crone to Mentor’ one-day seminar for older women to fight sexism and ageism. March 16th in Marin County and March 23 in SF.   Upcoming Events Link 

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She’s 94 and she’s a Pearl.

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