Let’s Go Red Wings!


For all of you who don’t know and don’t follow hockey, yes, the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup last night. It’s a time to celebrate, a time to cheer and a time to wear your Red Wings jersey if you have one.

When I met Matt, one of the first things I asked him was if he was a sports watcher. If Monday Night Football was part of his routine. Luckily, his answer was no! That was definitely a prerequisite of mine. No Monday Night Football watching in my house. What he did say was that he would watch an occasional soccer or hockey game. Oh, and March Madness which was fine by me because I always liked to watch those games and make a small bet here and there on who would win. 😉

I didn’t think soccer and hockey would be that big of a deal since they were practically NEVER on tv. Little did I know that he would watch games that were 2 or 3 years old just because they were on! Ha! But, really it’s been a nice blend of sports in the house.

I can get behind soccer. Matt’s still on two teams as he’s nearing that “over something” league and is in great shape because of it. I can’t complain about that! And Mason is playing soccer already. He has a ton of fun and is meeting new friends through the game. Even little Miles is showing signs of becoming a soccer player when he grows up. Pretty much since before he’s been able to walk he’s been kicking a ball. He would hold our hands to walk and kick any ball or anything that was in his path.

As for hockey, it’s been on tv, off tv and finally back on tv. Matt came home yesterday after shooting the NBA playoff teams with Rick and Garrett and immediately turned the tv on. It was game 6, the final in the series. The Detroit Red Wings vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins. We don’t have any sports type of clothing for our kids but they each have a redwings outfit. Thanks uncle Scott. 😉 As the game was being played, I loved the little informative visits from Mason that the Wings were winning and how the puck flew through the air and in the goal. Very sweet.

Congratulations Red Wings! Nice job.

One final thought, as a mother of two boys, I’m learning to appreciate the connection that father’s and sons have and how sports can be a part of that. It provides an outlet for their competitive nature and is a fun and social way to get out that energy that is bursting from them. A way for them to relate to each other, to bond. Hopefully Monday Night Football won’t creep into the agenda as the boys get older. I may just have to opt for the bigger cable package that airs more soccer and hockey!

I HAD to throw these two photos in. After I took the pictures of my boys in red, Mason wanted to take a picture. I think he’s got the bug and we definitely want to encourage that!

Nice photo of daddy Mason. Keep up the good work!

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