God Bless the Inventor of the Roller Coaster

Matt turned 36 last weekend and when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday a while back he said he wanted to ride some roller coasters. I can’t even remember the last time we did that and for a couple of coaster junkies, that’s too long!

Since having our two boys, the time we spend doing those things that WE want do to has shriveled into almost nothing. I saw an opportunity to change that and ran with it. I thought about which amusement park would be the best to take the boys and still ride some fun rides. Six Flags, Discovery Kingdom (Marine World) was the place! I asked our fabulous nanny Martyna to come with us and bought tickets.

We had SO much fun.

There isn’t anything quite like riding a roller coaster. Being strapped into your seat and whipped, rolled and dropped at incredible speeds. We went on a weekday (thanks Garrett for giving Matt the day off!) to avoid the weekend crowds and because school is still in session the park wasn’t too crowded. In fact, Matt and I were able to ride in the front and back rows of our two favorite rides. We basically walked right on and off and back on again. It was a blast.

The boys and Martyna checked out some shows, the dolphin show was the big hit, and rode some rides for kids. We met up a few times so that we could do some things together as a family as well. It was the perfect mix of alone time and family time that we’ve had.

This experience has taught me to think outside the box. Bring the nanny, or Grandma or friend. Because we brought Martyna, Matt and I were able to have fun together, the kind of fun that reminds you why you’re together. We also spent time with our kids doing something fun and different. It was rejuvenating for our entire family.

Happy Birthday my love! I can’t wait to go again!!

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