Late Night Thoughts

I’ve been wondering a lot lately how people keep it together. How do they walk around in clean clothes, with their hair and teeth brushed every day! Let alone somehow remember to drive their kids back and forth to school or soccer practice or gymnastics or all of the above. Then there is homework. Homework to be done every night, in a quiet and calm environment. Does that happen? Ever?

Oh, and dinner and dishes and laundry. Getting haircuts so that we look presentable and keeping our houses clean for those unexpected play dates that spontaneously occur on Thursday at 2:35.

I hope this doesn’t come across as ranting. It’s not. Definitely not. Just curious thoughts that float through my overcrowded brain. Float along with the long list of blog posts that I have yet to write. The ones that are waiting to be written because they have a lot to say. Like the ones from our visit to the Boyers and the Van Dykes over the summer. One about the wedding that I shot with Matt. One about the album that I designed for Paul and Liz. Then there’s the post that’s dying to be written. The one all about turning 40. That’s the one that I’m really not so sure is about me, but it must be, because there was a party here at the house. A party for me, turning 40.

Tonight however isn’t the night that any of those words are going to take the form of sentences. They’re just going to continue to dance in my head along with the thoughts of the dishes that are in the sink and the laundry that is in the dryer.

Perhaps tomorrow, yes, hopefully tomorrow, I’ll sit and write and share some of what’s been happening!

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