Last Days Of Summer

We were so fortunate to be invited to stay in Tahoe for a week over the last days of our summer vacation. My mother’s cousin spends time there almost every year with his wife and any number of his four children and their families. He stays in the Hyatt Hotel but has a condo at the Hyatt as well. That’s where we stayed and my gosh it was amazing. It felt like a true vacation at a resort. The condo was great. One room with two full beds for the boys and a master with a king for us. A full kitchen, deck, fireplace and the highlight for the boys, televisions in every room. Oh, and a free rental of an X-Box from the front desk. I think that was the highlight for the boys 😉

Matt and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary and thanks to our good friends Rick and Lesley, we were able to extend our celebration into the week at Tahoe. They had Mason and Miles over for a sleepover one night allowing Matt and I to lazily wander the property, have a cozy dinner at The Lone Eagle Grille, swim in the pool and relax in the hot tub. Heavenly! We really felt like we had a 10th anniversary vacation.Thank you Rick and Lesley!!

Seeing my family, my mother’s cousin Leo, his wife and their daughter Joan her husband and two smart, amazing, sweet kids was definitely a highlight for me. Unfortunately we were only able to visit with them for one night but we talked about how we’re really first cousins with them because, o.k. this can get confusing but, Leo, who’s my mother’s cousin, his father was my mother’s father brother. And are you ready for this…his mother, was my mother’s mother’s sister. So, yes, two brothers married two sisters which really makes us more blood related than most cousins who are only blood related to one parent. We’re blood related to both! Pretty cool.

Besides visiting with family and having a night alone, we spent our time swimming in the lake, playing mini golf, taking an amazing trip down the Truckee River and enjoying the beautiful area of Tahoe. Most people only experience Tahoe in the winter but I think I fell in love with Tahoe in the summer.Leo and Wilma, a HUGE thank you for our fabulous week in Tahoe. Your gift was rejuvenating and the most perfect way to  end our summer vacation. The only thing that would have made it better would have been spending more time with you!

Here are some highlights from the trip…


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