He Warned Me

When Matt and I were engaged, he warned me. Actually, I think his whole family warned me. I can even remember his dad telling me the best way to tell people so that they got it more quickly was to refer to the athletic brand, “Reebok”. “Just tell them your last name is pronounced like the brand “Reebok” without the “b”. That’s the easiest way for them to get it.”

Well, after seven years of marriage Matt and his family have been proven right again and again. The last name is a challenge, in spelling and in pronunciation. The small feature of FMN Design in Inside Weddings only proved this to be true. Yes, for all of you who emailed, the name was just about as wrong as you could get it. I figured the web address, which is the important thing was correct, so it’s not a huge deal. I did google Laura Roesch though and there are a few of them out there. Hopefully they won’t have people emailing them for album design. My apologies to them if that happens!

You know, things happen, we’re not perfect, peoples names get misspelled. It’s not the end of the world. I knew when I got married that I signed up for that. Matt’s nick name has always been “Roach”. In fact, for Matt’s bachelor party his friend Stexe had t-shirts made with a big cock roach on them for everyone, me included. He even sent a t-shirt for Mason and a onsie for Miles as a gift after Miles was born. I think I’ll need to pull that out and wear it for a laugh this week.

So, just for the record the name is pronounced Ree-ock and the spelling, well…..



I’m sure this won’t solve the problem but maybe it will help just a bit. Maybe.

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