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I know that I committed to “Inspiration Fridays” but today I have to deviate from the path. Today, on the inside, I’m jumping for joy. I’m running around excited like I haven’t been since the birth of my second born son. I’m beaming and glowing and getting in everyone’s face asking if they’ve seen it yet?!

What you may ask? What am I wondering if they’ve seen? Today, FMN Design was published in a national magazine. O.K. I’m still trying to swallow that one. Today, a national magazine published a small feature about FMN Design. Ahhhhhh!!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???!!!!

For those of you wanting the details, it’s Inside Weddings. Yes, THE Inside Weddings. I can hardly stand it! I went out last night to try to buy a copy since it was supposed to hit stands today, only to find out that they hadn’t stocked their shelves yet. They said they would do that in the am. So, I promptly drove back after my “mommy and me” class with Miles to pick up my copy only to find that they STILL hadn’t stocked their shelves and the guy who’s job that happened to be was on his “lunch’ break at 10am. UGH!!

I took a deep breath and went on with the rest of my day. I think I convinced myself that it really wasn’t that big of a deal. That I would get a copy at some point. It’s the Fall issue no doubt and it wasn’t leaving the stands anytime soon. But, upon arriving home, I made sure to call another book store and asked if they had the magazine, which they did, so right after picking Mason up from school, we were off.

I had told the boys that we needed to pick up a magazine for me and a Star Wars magazine for them. I had to figure some way to make them excited to go magazine shopping! When we arrived at Barnes & Nobel, it took Mason all of five seconds to find the Star Wars magazine and everything I had to convince them to come with me to find mine. Of course, it was no where to be found and I started doubting that this was even really happening. And then, hidden behind another wedding magazine, no I’m not making this up it’s what really happened, there it was. The cover that I recognized, and opening it up to page 22, I was not disappointed. There it was, featured in the upper right corner, titled “Beautiful Memories”, the eco album that FMN is offering.

It’s kind of a surreal feeling. Seeing that short blurb about FMN. It somehow makes it more real and more of a dream all at the same time. It feels good, great, I’ll be honest, to be recognized for the work that I’m doing. To know that a national publications sees value in something that I’m offering. I have to take a moment here to thank Leila Khalil of Be Inspired PR and all of her team for their hard work and dedication to my business. They are how this is possible and I truly do appreciate their support.

I had a nice glass of wine tonight to celebrate. Celebrating the strides I’ve made in these almost two years that Forget Me Not has been in business. Celebrating doing something that I love that brings joy to other people. Celebrating life and what Forget Me Not stands for. True love, remembrance and the gift of memories that are cherished across generations.

So go and run out and pick up a copy of Inside Weddings and give it to anyone you know that’s getting married! Then tell them to read page 22 and if they’re in the market for a wedding album, I’m here to help!

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