Green Is SO The New Black

It seems that every time I turn around I’m discovering a new website or company that is “Green”. I absolutely love this because it shows that we’re not just a bunch of unconcerned humans running around on our planet not thinking or caring about the effect we’re having on this earth.

I recently, via Twitter, found another site that is all about “green” in relationship to weddings. This industry is filled with so much disposable “stuff” that it can be difficult to stomach at times. Being conscious of what you’re using and trying to use recycled or eco-friendly material can make a huge difference.

Emerald Weddings is such a new business that they haven’t started taking clients. They’re opening their doors in January of 2010. They offer green wedding consultation and are based out of Seattle, Washington. If you’re planning your wedding for 2010, you may want to contact them to get in line for when they open to the public.

Being lovers of things green, they posted about my Earth album today on their blog. Check them out for posts on “green” tips and offerings. It’s great to have a list of these types of sites to check on how to make your footprint on the earth lighter and I’m happy to add Emerald Weddings to that growing list.

Thanks EW for featuring the Earth book today! and FMN Design wishes you much success in 2010!

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