Artistic Exploration Through Collage

A few months ago Matt came home from a scouting job and had a flyer and a 4×6 card to give to me. It was information on a collage class that the owner of the home he scouted offered. Her name is Delisa Sage and she is a local artist here in Marin County. She owns a store in San Francisco named Collage which is a home decor store and art gallery.

I looked everything over and had the call to attend a class. It took a couple of months to schedule the time, noon to 5 on a Sunday but this past Sunday was the day. I showed up in the company of 9 other women, Delisa and her husband. Her home is wonderful. Full of art and wonderful decor. She had transformed their great room into a studio. A large table with surrounding chairs over a blue tarp to catch our mess. Drawers filled with supplies and buckets and a table with tons of things.

We started the process by painting on a canvas that was covered in paint to get us to experiment with texture and to just warm us up. Then, we were each given an 11×14 canvas to work with. She had all of the supplies we would need, paper, ribbon, beads, books, scissors, glue, paint etc. I didn’t bring a ton of things from home but I did have the idea to bring a few things that called to me. A couple of things I brought were my fingerprints from when I was a teacher many years ago and a fortune from a fortune cookie.

I can’t remember the last time that I spent time creating. Time just sitting and making art. Not feeling rushed or like I should be doing something else, be somewhere else or that I was neglecting my kids. Actually, if you take a look at Matt’s post of the day, you’ll see that they were completely taken care of and had their own artistic afternoon.

I love what I created that day. I send a HUGE thank you out to Delisa for sharing her time and her talent. To all of the women who were there participating. It was a wonderful afternoon filled with artistic inspiration. One thing I find interesting is that when I look at it, it feels like me, like my art. I think now, after creating art for so many years, I’m finally seeing who I am through my art. Elements that I like to incorporate in my work, mirror, and a limited color pallet. Bold design that is minimal in content. There I am, finding myself more and more through art.

If you’re local to the area, I HIGHLY recommend taking her class. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Artist or non-artist, she pulls the creativity from you and helps transfer that creativity to a canvas. Truly remarkable. Each piece from each woman was wonderful.

On a side note, I had gone to church earlier that day and what came to me as I sat listening was that I wanted to step out of the way and let the talent that God gave me shine through. To quite the self critic and just create. I love the result…

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