Friday Inspiration – The Happy Family Movement

One of the great things about the internet is that one blog can lead you to another blog and to another. Recently I was checking out some pages that a friend Carrie liked and came to land on “The Happy Family Movement”.

I just love  that this family is living out loud. They’re living into the space of being happy, joy-filled and filled with love. Who wouldn’t want to be raised in that kind of environment?!

You can check out their website HERE or go to their FB page HERE

But what made me want to share today is this project that they posted. The 10×5 Project.

It’s nothing short of brilliant because of how simple they’ve made it. It’s about clearing out the “stuff” that you have in your home and it’s about including everyone in the process. In their post they talk about how much “stuff” they have and how overwhelmed it can make you feel. I don’t know about you but I can completely relate to that! So, the challenge is, find 10 things a day for 5 days to get rid of. Gift, donate, bring to the local consignment store, throw out.

You can read about the details on their page but I’m SO doing this. I may have to wait a month or two because we just took a big load to the local “toy sale” at our community center but this excites me. What a better way to start our “Spring Cleaning” that needs to be done.

I’ll post about our results when we’ve completed the project and hopefully we won’t have any tears like they had from one of their children. I love the honesty though of what really happened through the project. Everyone wasn’t just happily finding something to get rid of each day which is real life.

And real life is what it’s all about!

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