Travel Tips For Mama’s by Me Ra Koh

Whenever anyone asks me about getting into the business of family photography, I always point them to Me Ra Koh’s website and blog. She’s a mom of two who is pretty inspirational in terms of what she handles. She’s a family and wedding photographer, she’s on the Nate Berkus show all the time teaching people photography skills, she home schools her kids, and so much more. She’s written books about how to do it “all” while being a mother and wife and being real. She shares herself, completely, which is why I think so many women relate to her. They can feel her through her writing and her photography.

She travels ALL the time for work. She and her husband both because he works alongside her. Pretty cool right?! And recently she wrote a post about travel tips for moms. I thought it was so brilliant and the information was so important that I wanted to share here.

Remembering that we, as mothers, need to take care of ourselves and that through taking care of ourselves we’re taking care of our families. This is so important. As I’m writing that I’m realizing how much I need to hear that for myself. I tend to take care of everyone else first around here. Taking care of me has always been last on my list but I’m seeing how backwards that is. I’m not talking about taking care of yourself to the detriment of your family. Being selfish in your wants and needs and neglecting your partner or your family. I’m talking about doing the things that you need to do to be rested, relaxed and happy for your family. Taking time to breathe, to exercise, to take care of your body. Take that one night out a month with a girlfriend or by yourself to just do something for you.

If we aren’t centered and calm how on earth are we going to handle the day-to-day frustrations that come up. Because that’s one thing you can count on. A million little things, little waves of craziness throughout your day with kids. If we feel more relaxed, more centered and satisfied we have more room to love the people around us.

Take a look, read what she has to say and take some of her advice if you will. I think she has some really great things to say…

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