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Friday Inspiration – Skin

I’ve always loved tattoos . Not necessarily on myself, although I have considered getting a larger tattoo. I just can’t get past thinking about what it will look like when I’m old and wrinkled. Maybe that thought will change someday, but for now, I’ll stick with the little one that I have on my ankle. Three little Chinese characters that say, “Unity, Creative Power and Harmony”.

Christine (who wears all of her tattoos beautifully) and I back in college thought it would be fun to get a tattoo. We both have these Chinese characters on our ankles. We were extremely lucky that the tattoo artist we chose back then was actually Chinese! I think it was God looking out for me in truth because I had found a few characters I liked and brought them all with me to decide at the shop which one’s I would select. I showed the man the characters and he brought his daughter over to translate. It turned out the my favorite one didn’t mean what I thought it did. I can’t remember now what the book had said it meant but I think it was “energy” or something like that. Well, through some broken English they were able to tell me the actual meaning of the symbol that I almost had permanently tattooed to my skin….”family pet”. Can you imagine??!!

Anyway, today, for some inspiration I thought I would share my favorite tattoo’s that I’ve found and posted on my Pinterest page for “SKIN”.

Happy Friday and Happy Pinning!!

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