Friday Inspiration: Kite Wars

DISCLAIMER: All photographs taken with an iPhone 5S. I was “taking a break” from photography but that didn’t quite work out as I found myself taking photos with whatever was available. I just couldn’t help myself and when you read the post I think you’ll understand why!



I know it’s a little backwards, but today I want to take a step back a bit and revisit Father’s Day 2015 to introduce you to “Kite Wars”. As we’re nearing the end of summer, this is a great way to spend an afternoon with your kids. Doing something we’ve all done before but with a twist!


On Father’s Day this past June, we spent a beautiful day at the beach as a family. We went to our favorite Point Reyes beach, Limantour. It’s just amazing there and Father’s Day was maybe the most beautiful day I’ve ever spent at that location. The weather was incredible. I packed all sorts of clothes in preparation for clouds and fog but there were only blue skies to be seen. It was so warm and beautiful that I was HOT! And would you believe that I didn’t even pack myself a pair of shorts? Never again will I make that mistake!

It was so incredibly beautiful that day. All along the shoreline were tiny sand dollars. Everywhere! So many you couldn’t count them if you tried. I collected over 100 that were all pristine and gorgeous. If the blue skies and sand dollars weren’t enough, we were blessed to watch a couple of whales play in the water. Yes, whales! They were jumping and breaching and a site to be seen. It was pretty incredible.


The best part of the day however, was watching Matt spend time with the boys and the invention of our new favorite windy day activity. Kite Wars!! Here’s the scoop, we have a couple of cheap kites that we brought to the beach to fly. After a little while of flying one, they pulled out the other kite to fly them both and before we knew it, “Kite Wars” was invented. Matt would battle one boy at a time. The goal was to bring the other person’s kite plummeting down to the ground. It was SO FUN!!!! They loved it. They played forever. Each taking turns and battling their hearts out.


I feel so blessed that the boys and I have such a wonderful man in our lives. Someone who is fun and funny, responsible for himself and for us, loving and an amazing father and husband. I knew when I met you that you were someone to hold onto. Happy Father’s Day to my beloved husband. A month or two late or right on time, my feelings are the same. I’m deeply in love and eternal grateful for you being in our lives. You bring us joy and comfort with your every breath.


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